Redemption: Edgbaston thrashing put England on the brink of Ashes series victory

3 reasons natural-language tech has more potential than you think

GUEST: With the announcement of funding for AI-driven DigitalGenius last month, artificial intelligence, and particularly Natural Language Processing (NLP), have been making headlines recently. Customer service powered by NLP? Computers conversing with humans and actually guiding them through the sales funnel? It all sounds a little futuristic and scary, right? But the fact is, many of us are already using NLP every day — both Siri and Google Now are

Yahoo will acquire the social shopping site Polyvore

Yahoo announced today that it has agreed to buy the social shopping site Polyvore. Yahoo expects the acquisition to enhance its own consumer and advertiser offerings, namely its digital magazines. Specifically, some of the Polyvore social and e-commerce and e-commerce tools could be integrated with the Yahoo Style and Yahoo Beauty sites. Developing . . . VB’s research team is studying mobile user acquisition: Chime in here, and we’ll share the results. VentureBeat

Universities UK Group Says Britain Must Remain in EU

To maintain Britain’s education status and ensure quality, the country should remain a member of the European Union, says university lobbying group Universities UK. Prime Minister David Cameron is to hold a referendum for the country’s staying in or leaving the EU in the summer of 2016. The group says that a ‘Brexit’ – a British exit of the EU – could damage the research capabilities of British universities and harm international academic partnerships and collaborations.

Come On, Facebook: Feminista Jones Is Real – #FJisreal

Facebook’s tone-deaf “real name” policy often impacts users’ ability to use the service as intended, and in some cases, it has even impacted those users’ careers, privacy, and safety. This week, author and activist Feminista Jones received a take-down notice from Facebook for her personal profile, which she uses for networking and organizing events like the upcoming Women’s Freedom Conference on October 25, 2015. The notice demanded that Jones provide