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Hackey could make controlling your smart home as simple as turning a key

(By Masaru Ikeda, The Bridge) – Tokyo-based Cerevo, the Japanese startup behind a variety of smart consumer electronics devices, unveiled a smart key switch called Hackey on Wednesday. The product is available for 9,980 yen (about $ 82) on their website. In conjunction with the announcement, the company just started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogowhere backers can pre-order it for $ 59 plus shipping charge. Hackey is a Wi-Fi-connected, palm-sized “key” switch. It

Tuition Hikes, Calls for Free Education Spur South Africa Protests

South African students protesting tuition hikes met at the country’s government buildings for some of the largest protests in decades, resulting in violence and clashes with police. Students upset about an increase in education fees met at the Union Buildings in the South African capital of Pretoria. Protests became violent, with some of the students setting fires and throwing stones. Others climbed the statue of Louis Botha on the lawn. Police repelled

Things We Saw Today: Elephants Smashing Pumpkins is Oddly Satisfying

The Oregon Zoo has an annual ceremony called Squishing of the Squash, and if that wasn’t adorable enough, wait until you see who gets the chance to do some stomping—a family of elephants. And just to give you a little perspective, the largest of those pumpkins was 1,100 pounds! (via Gizmodo) Here’s a hilarious guide to the hierarchy of Halloween candy, ranking treats in such categories as “joy induction”. Full-sized