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A Math Teacher’s Day at Ed Camp

My Day at Ed Camp By Barry Garelick I attended an “Ed Camp” recently. This is one of many types of informal gatherings of teachers to talk about various education-related topics. The camp I attended took place at a charter school that prided itself on a student-centered approach to learning. In keeping with the school’s focus, the camp also took a student-centered approach: participants wrote ideas for sessions on Post-It

Adobe data: Cyber Monday 2015 will hit a record $3B in sales, sale product shortages hit all-time high

It’s becoming clear that many consumers avoided the hassle and crowds of Black Friday and waited to search for online bargains on Cyber Monday. Adobe, citing data collected through 6 p.m. EST, said Cyber Monday sales volume will hit $ 2.98 billion by the end of the day, a 12 percent increase over last year’s total. Adobe says its numbers are based on data aggregated from more than 125 million visits

Report: Expats in Singapore Could Spend $400k on Education

A new report shows that expat workers in Singapore could pay more than $ 409,000 in tuition over the course of their child’s education, making Singapore one of the most expensive places to attend an international school. In 2015, the average tuition for international schools in Singapore came to $ 19,270 for each of the pre-preparatory years, $ 21,380 for preparatory school, and $ 24,770 for senior school. These are the