More than TWO THIRDS of people living with dementia feel isolated

Apple said to pay Italy $348 million, sign tax deal

(By Emilio Parodi and Agnieszka Flak for Reuters) — Apple Inc will pay Italy’s tax office 318 million euros ($ 348 million) to settle a dispute over allegations it failed to pay taxes for six years, a source with direct knowledge of the matter said on Wednesday. The maker of iPhones and iPads will also sign an accord next year on how to manage its tax liabilities from 2015 onward, the

New Year’s Resolution: Take the Time to Restore Kids’ Lives

By Julia Steiny A few years ago a kid we’ll call Leon transferred from a big urban district to the small, even poorer district where I consult on restorative practices.  As a 7th grader, Leon was small for his age and scrappy.  When not disrupting class or wandering the halls, his head was firmly on the desk.  He did zero work.  By December he was no longer a mere “frequent

Laugh, Cry, and Cheer All Over Again (for Different Reasons) With the Low Budget Force Awakens Trailer – Farce Awakens.

Let’s close out Star Wars‘ big year with a slightly different look at how the hype train got rolling. What you can’t pull off in production quality, you make up for in other areas, and the people behind Budget Videos sure know what they’re doing. MVP moment (TM Rebecca Pahle): (via ViralViralVideos) —Please make note of The Mary Sue’s general comment policy.— Do you follow The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook,

PlayStation 4 hacked to run Linux, Pokémon

Check out all of our GamesBeat Rewind 2015 end of the year coverage here. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems are just PCs, and now hardware hackers have started doing some very cool things with at least one of these systems. Console-hacking group Fail0verflow has cracked the PlayStation 4 and loaded it up with a version of Linux. This is a big step in the process to get homebrew