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EdSec King Urges Charter Schools to Rethink Discipline Policies

(Photo: Wikimedia, Creative Commons) Recently, charter schools have come under scrutiny for higher than normal suspension rates — and now Secretary of Education John King has urged charter school officials to rethink their discipline policies. “Discipline is a nuanced and complicated issue,” Secretary King said in remarks prepared for a speech at the National Charter School Conference in Nashville. “Yet the public discussion of these issues is often binary –

Interview: Grimm‘s David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee Discuss New Bromance Comedy, Buddymoon

These days, most people who know David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee know them from their work on the awesome and harrowing fantasy show, Grimm. With their characters constantly facing death at the hands of Wesen, demons, and power-hungry humans, we don’t exactly get to see them go for laughs a whole lot. Thankfully, there’s Buddymoon, a comedy feature that comes out tomorrow that stars Giuntoli and Coffee alongside Flula Borg,