Sci-fi sandbox game Planetoid Pioneers debuts on Steam Early Access

Planetoid Pioneers is a sci-fi sandbox game where you visit little “planetoids” and explore the physics-based environments. It is debuting today on Steam Early Access on the PC. The game from independent developer Data Realms is sort of like Minecraft in space, and it is counting on users to help make the game into a viral success. It’s shipping as an incomplete game. But that’s because it is counting on

Instagram rolling out new channels to show you videos you might like

Instagram is rolling out a way for you to discover videos on its iOS and Android app. The Facebook-owned company announced that it has added video channels within its Explore section that will surface those videos you might like. This update is only available to those in the U.S. but the company plans to release this worldwide “soon.” Video has become a major focus for Instagram, just like with its

Microsoft on causing Oculus Rift delays: ‘This is false’

If you preordered the Oculus Rift headset, you might still be waiting for it — but that’s not because of the Xbox One controller. Microsoft has debunked allegations that it is responsible for the delays customers are experiencing with their Oculus Rift headset orders. Yesterday, a post on Reddit from someone claiming to have “insider” status at Oculus VR (the company responsible for the impressive head-mounted display) went into great detail about how Rift

Mobile user acquisition fraud: Rovio and others share how to fight it (webinar)

VB WEBINAR: How do you combat user acquisition scams that are increasingly slick and nearly undetectable? Find out from the front line how pros are successfully combating mobile fraud. Access the webinar on demand right here. You’re spending up to $ 25 per high-quality user — but how many of them are real? User acquisition fraud has doubled since 2015. Unreliable install and conversion rates threaten your rank in the Google

Gaming legend John Carmack: A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality

John Carmack is a legend in video game programming, and he received a high award from the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA) on Friday. He gave a short acceptance speech and did an interview that should inspire the whole game industry to do greater things. We’ve posted the video below, and pulled a few choice quotes from it. Carmack has been involved in a lot of pioneering work,

Marketers should be much safer from cutbacks than they used to be

GUEST: Financial indicators turn wobbly, stock markets head south, and then north, and then south again — soon enough, whispers about possible cost-reductions begin to ricochet through company corridors. Historically, in times of economic uncertainty, marketing departments would be the first to feel the squeeze. Marketers were considered to be the heart of a company’s discretionary spending, and it was always hard for marketers to tie their investments to real

The Ocean Rift in virtual reality is like relaxing in an IMAX theater

With the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, I feel like I’ve got an IMAX theater in my home. And the most relaxing VR experience I’ve seen so far is Ocean Rift. With Ocean Rift, you are immersed in an underwater world in VR. It has lifelike habitats that are both wondrous to look at and soothing. The sound of your breathing and your air bubbles floating up to the surface

NexDock, the $149 laptop shell, passes $300,000 funding goal

NexDock, the hardware concept that your laptop should be powered by the mobile device of your choice, just got one step closer to reality. The $ 149 laptop shell that extends your smartphone, tablet, or PC stick has passed its $ 300,000 funding goal on Indiegogo. Indeed, NexDock cofounder Emre Kosmaz tells me that he and cofounder Yeliz Kayacan have booked their tickets to Shenzhen, China to finalize the details

HTC Vive is experiencing shipping problems, and the company is finally talking about it

Virtual reality tech finally works and consumers are buying into it, but the biggest hurdle now is figuring out shipping logistics. The HTC Vive VR headset is the latest device to suffer delays, and the Taiwanese manufacturing company has taken to its blog to answer some questions that its frustrated customers are asking. In the update, the company acknowledged that it is experiencing “multiple issues,” and that it sees people asking

My first VR injury was painful and all my fault

If you get a booboo in virtual reality, you get a booboo in real life. During my 7.5-hour virtual reality livestream yesterday, I sustained my first injury while wearing a head-mounted display. I booted up the game Unseen Diplomacy, which is an excellent room-scale experiment that developer Tirangular Pixels originally built for the National Videogame Arcade in the United Kingdom. Now, it is out on Steam for just $ 3