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China Lifts Game Console Ban After 15 Years – With some unfortunate qualifiers.

  After 15 years, China has finally lifted its ban on console games! Back in 2000, China banned the manufacturing and sale of video game consoles, claiming that video games would be physically and mentally detrimental to children. This fueled the popularity of PC gaming and arcades in China, while consoles circulated the local black markets. Last year, the ban was somewhat eased with a small free trade zone that allowed

Windows 10 will get automatic updates for 10 years

Are you a growth marketer? Do you want to know what it takes to be one? Join us at GrowthBeat, on August 17-18 in San Francisco. Thought-leaders from the biggest brands and most disruptive companies will share winning growth strategies on the most pressing challenges marketing leaders face today. In an update to its Window’s Lifestyle Fact Sheet, Microsoft says it will offer support for Windows 10 for 10 years. The

Julia Steiny: Restorative Justice in Vermont 22 Years On

By Julia Steiny “Fifty years from now, people will look back and see a truly transformative model.  One that applies not only to what human beings really are, but also what they really need from justice.” I realize many a group of radicals, idealists or visionaries have made similar statements, also in pursuit of Justice, often in basements of churches or empty storefronts. But this time is different.  The Restorative

Education Cost in Delhi, India Triples in 7 Years

Parents in Delhi, India are paying as much as three times more for education than parents did in 2008, a National Sample Survey Office survey reveals. The government survey points out that across the nation, education spending has doubled, while in Delhi, parents have seen their education costs triple in just seven years. Quartz reports that parents with children in general education have to pay 175% more than their 2008 counterparts. Nearly 50%

The Greek diet: Shed years off your look by eating fresh fruit, olives and feta

PH Tonia Buxton has made Greek food since she was a child However the chef doesn’t attribute her youthful appearance to expensive creams or A-list treatments but to common ingredients you can find on any supermarket grocery aisle: feta, olives and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. From reducing high blood pressure to aiding weight loss the health benefits of a Greek-inspired Mediterranean diet are well known. Now Tonia is